Surfing vacations are gaining in popularity and becoming mainstream among outdoor enthusiasts as well as attracting those less experienced in sports, particularly water sports. From the corporate manager to the yogi mom, people with diverse backgrounds and athletic experience are having a lot of fun learning to surf.

Surfing requires strength, flexibility, balance, agility, and focused concentration. Yoga, which addresses all of these components, goes hand in hand with, and ultimately compliments surfing. Top surf legends, like Gerry Lopez and Kelly Slater, have been incorporating yoga into their training regimes for years.

  • The age range of adults learning to surf is from 20s up into the 60s. Surfing is equally accessible to women and men.
  • The best cross-training activities for surfing are swimming, strength training, and, of course, yoga.
  • Enjoy surfing more with the correct gear: the right size board for your experience, comfortable board shorts for men and durable swimsuits for women, waterproof, paraben-free sunblock, and a snug fitting rash guard. If you want to wear a hat, make sure it has a sturdy strap!
  • Learning about local environmental conditions like wind, tides, and how to read the surf, including currents, breaks, and swells, are all part of the surfing experience. You will enjoy it more if you take the time to educate yourself about the ocean waters.
  • Taking the first steps to learn to surf have the beneficial side-effect of enhanced self-confidence. You expand out of your comfort zone by trying something completely new which is exhilarating and rewarding.
  • If you are new to surfing, take lessons from a certified instructor. You will have more fun and be safer under professional guidance. The excitement and thrill of riding your first wave is one of the most gratifying and energizing outdoor experiences to have. You will glow for days after your first surfing session!
  • If you are an experienced surfer and ready to start surfing a new spot alone, be sure to ask locals about tides and tips to help you be safe. You may even find a new surfing partner.
  • As with any endurance sport, hydration is essential, so drink lots of water before heading out to surf.
  • On our Costa Rica Yoga and Surf Retreat you will not have to worry about crowds. Many days, we have the beach and waves all to ourselves.